Ukrainian Tattoo

Hey Tattoo lovers, here is real ethnic Ukrainian tattoo. This short video demonstrates different tattoos with tryzub – national symbol of Ukraine.

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  1. Michael SEREDIUK

    Hello, I was wondering how to translate my last name into ukrainian. It is SEREDIUK.

    Thank you

  2. Kera


    I am very impressed by this website! My grandmother, who is Ukrainian, passed away when I was young. I’ve received very little information about the history of my family and their surname which is Olesh. I’m not sure if it was shortened when my great-grandparents came to the U.S. Also, how would you spell and pronounce family in Ukrainian? Family is very important to me.

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and sharing you knowledge.



  3. admin Post author

    Dear Kera,

    “Olesh” is well known surname in Ukraine, there is city and castle called that way (in ukrainian it sounds “Олеськ”). Most probably this word is derivative from name “Oleg” which is scandinavic one but quite popular in Ukraine since early ages:

  4. Phill Banner

    Hi there!

    My grandad unfortunatly passed away not long ago and he is originally Lviv, his name was Petro Okopskyj.
    I was wondering if you could translate something for a tattoo i am looking at?

    The heart and soul of my family,
    An unspoken presence,
    A true inspiration,
    Love you always!

    Thankyou very much!

  5. admin Post author

    hi Phill,

    here is translation for you:

    ти серце і душа нашої сімї,
    твоя несказана присутність,
    направду надихає,
    зажди буду любити тебе!

    дуже дякую!

  6. Allison


    I was wondering if you could translate my last name into Ukrainian. My great grandfather came over to the US around 1906. I have found two different ways my last name was spelled and was wondering if you could tell me which one was the proper sur name (correct spelling)also any meaning to it. My last name is Zoslocki, but in 1906 Ellis Island archives spelled it Zaslocki and the 1920 census spelled it Zaslosky. Thanks.

  7. Phill Banner

    Hi there again! Thank you so much for translating my last post, what you are doing for everyone is awsome!

    Could you translate 2 names to ukraine please?



  8. admin

    Hi Phill,

    not sure if these are english names which you want to translate or transcript in ukrainian. I don’t think these words can be translated so I’d rather write them using ukrainian letters:


  9. nikolaus

    My grandparents all decided to skip this world last year,they were really old..just wondering what their names meant. They changed my dads when they got here but. They were kerchenko kopchenko and melachankoand one was kristof..any help?

  10. Ewen

    I know it might be pretty far-fetched to get you to realistically help me with this, but I haven’t spoken Ukrainian in a long time and I don’t really remember it at all. I wanted to get a phrase in Ukrainian that would represent death in anyway. As I said, my I have been out of the speaking and culture of Ukraine for a long time, so I was wondering if there was a well known phrase or something that would fit in this situation. I want it in Ukrainian so that it is more personal to me, and I dont really want people understanding what it says.

  11. Olivia

    Hello! I am 1/2 Ukrainian (on my dads side) and I was wondering what the origin of my last name was. It’s Dmytryshyn and I can’t find any records on where it’s from or what it means. When my family settled in canada they did not keep up much of their history to pass on. I would be great full for any help on this. I am planning on getting it tattooed at some point with the trident.

  12. admin Post author

    Hey Olivia,

    Dmytryshyn is quite popular last name here and it has quite simple meaning – “the ones who have relation to Dmytro” (so his children or brothers etc).
    Dmytro is popular ukranian name, not sure what is english alternative but I’m sure there must be the one as this is catholic name.


  13. admin Post author

    Hey Ewen, re your question: “I wanted to get a phrase in Ukrainian that would represent death in anyway” – the common used word is:


  14. admin Post author

    Hi Nickolas,

    “They were kerchenko kopchenko and melachankoand one was kristof” – керченко і меланченко – these last names don’t really some meaning – it sounds like names built using geographical location of their anchestors (there is e.g. big city Kerch in Crimea).

  15. Paul Ledney

    I’m thinking of getting a tattoo and as it will be my first I want it to be meaningful. So I evidently gravitated toward my Ukrainian roots and have decided to get a tryzub. I was wondering want my name in Ukrainian was written like and what freedom is. I have found how to spell it I just want to make sure it’s not Russian. Cheers

  16. Robin

    Hello, My son wants to get a tattoo of the word Family in Ukraninian and I would like if someone could verify the proper way to write it in Old Ukraninian style?? Thanks for your time!!!

  17. Krissy

    Hi There,
    I am looking for a ukrainain symbol for family? Is there such a one. I have googled and it keeps returning me to the Tryzub symbol for Ukraine. Also, could you translate sister in ukrainian for me, (as well how to pronounce it in english)?
    Thanks, great site :)

  18. Michelle

    I am getting a tattoo of the phrase ‘and this too shall pass’ in Ukrainian but cannot seem to find a translation. I know that the literal translation would not make sense in ukrainian but perhaps a similiar phrase…can anyone help me out?

  19. Stephen

    just wondering the origin/meaning of my last name Pankow. Also I want to get this tattooed in Ukrainian
    Erin, the love of my life.

  20. Ryan

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to translate my last name Roschtscha into Ukrainian. My dad came to the U.S. as a child. Any history would be great too

  21. admin Post author

    Hey Steve,

    Surnam Pankow may have the meaning of “top guy” – it was using in old times to describe rich people

  22. admin Post author

    Also “Erin, the love of my life” in ukrainian transcription -

    “Ерін – ти любов мого життя”

  23. natasha

    My father passed away and our background is from the Ukraine. I cant speak it but I would like to get a tattoo for him saying “Daddy’s Girl” I don’t trust an online translator to translate it properly. Can you help me?

  24. larisa zhembrovska

    Hello my name is larisa and I wanted help With this thranslation to Ukrainian..

    “if you dont live for something…you will die for nothing. Freedom is given to those who fight til their last breath in this life and does not accept anything less”


  25. larisa zhembrovska

    HI my name is larisa and I wanted help.with an exact translation or similar in Ukrainian

    if you dont live for something…you will die for nothing. Freedom is given to those who fight til their last breath in this life and does not accept anything less”

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