АtmAsfera is an extraordinary band that uses different styles by uniting academic music with ethno melodies without any limits in their repertoire. Music of AtmAsfera is born in improvisation.

This band was created in 2003 in Lviv and then in a few years it moved to Kiev. Each concert is an event for them where they completely devote themselves to creation of “atmasfera” of mutual understanding between musicians and audience. Members of the band are always demanding to the quality of sound, arrangement and lyrics of their songs.

The name of the band is made of two words: “atma” – in translation – person, and “sfera” – something that surrounds that person. And in general it means everything that surrounds that person – their internal world, feelings and concerns.

Andriy Shadiy – voice, guitar, mandolin:
AtmAsfera – is the opportunity of creating something that can influence other people’s fates and can change their lives for better. I don’t like this idea of art for the sake of art; music as the expression of soul must be motivated by a strong effort of soul with clear idea, the point is to give away from oneself something, help others, do some self-sacrifice, otherwise what is the difference between art and craft?”

Yulia Yaremchuk – voice, keyboard:
“I would always wanted to create music with would reach audience not only on mental level, but would flow into listener’s hearts of hearts and would give a chance of experiencing something deeper. I would really like that after listening to our music people would become happier.”

Anastasiya Yaremchuk – voice, flute:
“For me Аtmasfera is not simply a word – it is the whole world – internal world. Oftentimes I would immerse myself in the unlimited ocean of stuff, problems and their solutions and I can not even notice the most important. I wish I could stop and look at the life from different perspective. I would like our music to be listened to by heart so that it would help them to stop and find themselves.”

AtmAsfera is well-known to the public thanks to their participation in these festivals: Chervona Ruta, Taras Bulba, Etno Evolution, Nivroku, Different music, Mazepa Fest, Dream land and others as well as from concert all over Ukraine.

The band has presented itself for real after wining Qualifying Heats of International festival The Global Battle Of The Bands’06.

According to Ukrainian record ’06– AtmAsfera was announced – Discovery of the Year. (

AtmAsfera presented Ukraine at international festival Przystanek Woodstock (Poland) in 2006-2007 (

Apart from musical concerts, AtmAsfera takes part in theatrical performances and writes music for theatre plays.

AtmAsfera – is an open project that cooperates with charity organizations, theatre studios and takes part in charity concerts and activities.


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