Bandurist: Victor Mishalow

Victor Mishalow was born in Sydney, Australia and began to study bandura in 1970 unde Peter Deriashnyj. In 1974 he studied with Hryhory Bazhul, a former student of Hnat Khotkevych (known as the “father of the modem concert bandura”). In 1978 Mishalow received a grant from the “Australia Arts Council” enabling him to continue his studies in North America with prominent emigre bandurists, including Peter Honchanenko, Peter Kytasty, Hryhory Kytasty, Leonid Haydamaka and Vasyl Yemetz. In 1979. Victor received a scholarship to attend the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Kyiv, where he studied with noted bandurist and professor Serhiy Bashtan. In Ukraine, he also studied with Heorhy Tkachenko, the last remaining bandurist to perform in the authentic kobzar tradition. Victor Mishalow holds a bachelor’s degree in Musicology and Ethnomusicology from the University of Sydney, and a postgraduate diploma in Music Education. He has over 70 articles and publications to his credit.

Performing is an important facet of Mishalow’s work. He has given recitals and has made appearances in North America, Europe and Australia, including solo performances in venues such as Carnage Hall (New York), Massey Hall (Toronto) and the Sydney Opera House. He has also appeared at a Royal Command Performance in the Netherlands. Victor has completed several concert tours in Ukraine, with over 70 solo concert recitals. He has appeared as instrumental soloist with the Tommy Teaco International Orchestra in Sydney, Australia and the Ukrainian Bandurist Chorus in Detroit. Mishalow participated in producing the music for 4 documentary films.

One of Victor Mishalow’s most consuming and important task at land is to install to the youth of Ukrainian heritage the love of the Ukrainian culture through form of music, namely the bandura, (the voice and soul of Ukraine). Mishalow, with his technical expertise has attracted over 130 students that have been the playing the bandura in the short time that he has been in Toronto. Mishalow is the founder of the Hryhory Kytasty Bandura Chorus, and along with the Bandura Chorus have received support and acknowledgment from various support agencies: Taras Shevchenko Ukrainian Foundation, Prometheus Foundation, Canadian Ukrainian Congress, Ukrainian Canadian School Board, World Federation of Ukrainian Women’s Organizations, and many others.

It is the dream and aspiration of Mishalow to update. to bring in new and contemporary elements, and to make the music of bandura loved by all music enthusiasts. This new direction is best exemplified in his recent releases of Bandura Magic and Bandura Christmas Magic.



  1. Please email me so that I can email Victor Mishalow. I need to contact him regarding how to get bandura picks. I would like to hear from someone who can get them for me here in Milwaukee. I play bandura. It is my special favorite instrument of a lifetime. Judy

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  3. Hello Victor!

    You probably don’t remember me but I sure tried to show the University of Waterloo (Conrad Grebel Music Ethnomusicology lecture) how the instrument worked. Played Nich yaka Zoryuna (please forgive the non cyrillics) and they were amazed at the treble and bass range! After a few warm summers and tuning I have since broken a string and my poor Lviv puppy needs a good tuning.

    I’d love to come with my mother to come see you play next. Will you be with the bandurists at the EX this Friday? In addition, I am free every night in Toronto nowadays to help with children to sightread and to learn the strings (without white-out tricks, hehe.) Looking forward to assisting you if possible.

    Dyakoyu! -Andrika

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