Classical Pianist Ethella Chupryk

Birth date and place: 20th of June, 1964 in Vinogradovo, Ukraine. Started musical studies at 3 years old. First concert – at 5 years old, with compositions by Schubert, Chopin. Finished musical school at U. G. Gergej’s class, musical college at M. S. Volkovska’s class, M. Lysenko conservatory at prof. Maria Krykh’s class. Every month during three years attended master-classes held by prof. Yevgeny Malinin, Vera Gomostayeva, V. Viardo at the Moscow conservatory.

Prizewinner of various international contests:
• M. Lysenko – Kiev (1988, first prize), S. Rachmaninov – Moscow (1990, third prize),
• F. Liszt – Budapest ( 1991, third prize).
• Awarded V. Horowitz gold medal and prize (international pianist festival – Kiev, 1994). Lysenko Lviv Musical Academy.Since 1996 – vice-president for the Ukrainian pianists association. Wagner association exhibitioner (Bayreuth, Germany, 1998). Professor of M. Touring with symphony orchestras in Europe, played with following conductors: Jansung Kakhidze, Fedir Gluschenko, Volodymyr Sirenko, Andrash Lizeti, Jerzhi Salvadorsky, Tadeush Madej, M. Ponkin, Roberth Koenig and others.

Permanent participator of the following international festivals: F. Chopin (Poland), «Music-Fest» (Kiev), «Contrasts» (Lviv), F. Liszt (Budapest), R Vagner (Bayreuth).

Played solo concerts in Munich, Frankfort, Bayreuth, Prague, Bratislava, Budapest, Pech, Warsaw, Bidgosch, Krakow, Katovize, Antonin, Sochi, Moscow, Utreht, Amsterdam and others.


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