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  1. I am trying to find out how to get this: Я не шкодую in a pretty feminine font. I found this website: but can’t figure out how to get this: Я не шкодую in the “Vityaz” font. Is there anyway you can help me? I want to get this as a tattoo honouring my Ukrainian heritage.

  2. Hello,
    I hope you can help me. I would like to get a tattoo honoring my father. Our last name is Swiderski and I can’t find out if that means anything. Since he taught me to never give up, I plan on getting Persevere in Ukrainian. I have found a few translations for this. What would your recommendation be?

    Thank you for your time,
    Chris Swiderski

  3. Dear Chris,
    Your surname goes from word “свідер” which is very old word, rarely using these days and has the meaning of “drill”.

  4. Hi my sister and I wanted to get meaningful sister tattoos in Ukrainian. Is there a symbol for sisters, or what’s the writing?
    Thanks !

  5. Hi. Both my grandparents are from Ukraine and would like to know more about their last names. Tchir and Stefanyshyn. Thanks

  6. Dear Diana, as far as I know there is no symbol for sisteres but I believe you can use the text like:

    рідна сестра (which basically means native sister)

  7. hey Janice, sorry for late reply I did not mean to ignore just been quite busy..
    These last names are absolutely ukrainian ones and quite popular.

    As for “tchir” — its actually small wild animal

    And “stefanyshyn” is derivative from name Stepan (same as Steven)

  8. Hi, I am looking to get a tattoo that says FAMILY FIRST written in Ukrainian. I’m not sure if it’s сім’я спочатку, cім’я перший or сім’я на першому місці. Thanks

  9. hey there,

    definitely this one sounds gramatically correct:

    сім’я на першому місці

    but thats not how we say.
    I’d say this one would fit better:

    Родина – найголовніше

  10. Hi my name is Alina born as Alina Kamilovna Ummatova is there anything available in Ukraine or anywhere that could help me find my siblings they are much older I’m 25 they are about 8 years older name Alexander Lobas and Aliona Lobas we are from chernigov but I was born in Kiev please help if you can.

  11. Hi There,

    I am looking to get a tattoo in honor of my Baba, who has recently passed. I want it to say “Forever In Our Hearts” in Ukrainian but want to confirm the proper spelling before getting it tattooed on myself. Can someone please help me with this?

    Thank you!

  12. Hi there
    my son is getting a tattoo and wants Ukrainian hand writing for



    All things are possible if you believe

    if you could please help
    thank you

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