There was huge interest to the information about Ukrainian Archive Catholic dioceses and we’ve decided to put here more information about Ukrainian official archives so you may contact them directly.

The Ukrainian Archival system for family research is made up of:

  • the Main Archives in Kiev
  • the Central State Historical Archives in Kiev (TsDIA-K), for eastern Ukraine
  • the Central State Historical Archives in Lviv (TsDIA-L), for western Ukraine
  • the Oblast Archives in the 25 Oblasts
  • the Registry of Vital Statistics Archives (Reyestratsiya aktiv Hromadianskoho Stanu (RAHS) – usually the same number in an Oblast as the Raions and usually based in the capital city of the Raion. These are Archives for civil records from the past 75-100 years.

The Main Archival Administration office is located in Kiev, Ukraine. There has been a success story of someone who wrote to the Central State Historical Archives in Kiev, his letter was forwarded by Kiev to the appropriate Oblast address, and he finally received a reply from the Oblast address, but it was a long wait.

There have also been success stories of persons writing to the State Historical Archives in Lviv.

Historians are recommending that you write two letters, one to the appropriate State Historical Archives, for either eastern Ukraine or Western Ukraine, and one to the Oblast Archives. The Lviv address would be for records in Galicia and Transcarpathia/ Subcarpathia, in the Oblasts of Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Ternopil and Transcarpathia, and the Kiev address for the remainder of the Oblasts.

The addresses are shown with a year by each; they have changed from time to time but were current in the year indicated. Notice the order of items in an addressed envelope to Ukraine, first the Country, then the City, then the street address and finally the name of the person or office.

State Committee on Archives of Ukraine
Holovne Arkhivne Upravlinnia
Prof. Dr. Hennadii Boriak
Director General
03110, m. Kyiv
vul. Solomianska 24
Tel. (044)277-2777
Fax: (044)277-3655
E-mail: [email protected] , [email protected]

Dr. Heorhii Papakin, Head, Information,
Using of Records and International Department
Tel.: (380 44) 277-4522
Fax: (380 44) 277-3655
E-mail: [email protected]

There are also State Historical Archives in Kiev for the eastern part of Ukraine and in Lviv for the western part of Ukraine.
see above for Kyiv

The Lviv Historical Archives also has films for Greek Catholic Parishes from the south-eastern part of Poland, which are currently being microfilmed for the Mormon Church.

Central State Historical Archives in Lviv, Ukraine (1997)
290008, Lviv – 8
pl. Soborna, 3-a

Tsentralnyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv Ukraony, Lviv
Director: Orest Iaroslavoych Matsiuk
Deputy Director: Diana Pelc
Tel/Fax: 011-380-322-72-35-08 (ph. 72-30-63)

We are going to continue to post information about archives so keep watching if you are interested.


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