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It seems that previously published information about Ukranian tattoos was absolutely successfull. Therefore, we’ve decided to put here more videos and photos on that topic. If you have any comments or ideas about other topics of interest, please feel free share it with us.



  1. Just wondering if you could tell me how to spell something in ukrainian that i could get a tattoo of… My baba passed away and i really wanted to get a little phrase or some words written in ukrainian for a tattoo .. instead of the cliche usual birth/death date.. any ideas? thanks

  2. Sure thing, what exactly you’d like to get? As far as I understand you want it typed in ukrainian but I’m not sure if you have cyrillic font installed on your PC. I guess I can draw it and send to you somehow, let me know what exactly you’d like to have written?

  3. Same deal with me, my grandfather is pure Ukranian and he unexpectedly had medical conditions that instantaneously paralyzed him. I want to know what the saying “Live life to the fullest” is in Ukranian. thanks alot.

  4. It sounds in latin transcription “Zhyvy zhyttja spovna” or if you have cyrillic installed it’s “Живи життя сповна”

  5. admin, thanks so just so i understand you.. if one of my ukranian elders came up to me and seen this on me, they would read which one as “live life to the fullest”

  6. they would be happier to read this “Живи життя сповна”

  7. to honour my dido i want to translate into ukrainian “to live in hearts we leave behind is not to die”

    Can you please help?

  8. hmm.. i’m not sure exact translation, sorry my english is not so good so i’d need to re-ask.. is this have a meaning of “by dying you are staying at our hearts” ?

  9. would like a tattoo in ukrain that means always love your family or some kind of symbol that means this
    thank you

  10. well translation sounds like “любити твою сім’ю завжди” but honestly I’ve never heard this used in Ukrainian. Probably try to explain what exactly you’d like to speak up.

  11. Hey,
    My friend passed away years ago and she was Ukrainian. I wanted to get a tattoo that somehow represented that part of her.
    I like the idea of words such as “strength” – as it also applies to other aspects of life.

    How do you translate strength in ukrainian? I would hate to get it wrong. Not as in…physical strength, but mental strength.

  12. Hi i would like to get a tattoo in ukrainian meaning “strength”. I would like it to mean strength of mind not physical. In all my searches i have found сила is this not correct?

  13. Hi Megan,

    This is correct. There are synonyms like МІЦЬ, ПОТУГА, etc. But the standard one is СИЛА.

  14. like everyone above, I’m thinking of getting a tattoo of my nickname, perogy cheeks. But I haven’t a clue how to translate it into ukrainian! any help?


  15. so “perogy cheeks” is this your nickname? Can you explain what it means and I’ll try to find the closest possible translation?

  16. in fact it should sounds something like “Сім’я – сила” or “Сила – в міцній сім’ї”. This phrase “сила у сім’ю” is definitely wrong though, the closest one correct (but it has less sense than the ones I provided below) should be “сила у сім’ї”

  17. ok, I also found сила у родина should translate to strength in family, but again I’m not sure. Thanks for the help!

  18. Yeah, “родина” is synonym to “сім’я” so it can be used the same way. But regarding this phrase “сила у родина” should rather sounds like “сила у родині”

    You are welcome ! 🙂

  19. I am hoping you can help me. My father commited suicide a few years ago and he was very proud of his ukrainian background. I would like to get a small tattoo in his memory. I am looking for the translation of father.

  20. Hi Gabby, sorry about your father.

    So father in Ukrainian sounds “тато” or more official “батько” so you can use any of them.

  21. My sister and I want to get small matching tattoos to honour our Ukrainian Granddad. We want to get “Family” and have been looking on numerous translation websites which all bring up different variations. I dont have cyrillic installed on my pc, can you show me the word starting with a capital, the rest in lower case please!

  22. Well, there are 2 words which has in fact the same meaning:

    Сім’я – this on is using nowadays
    Родина – it’s less using now but most probably that’s the one which used your Granddad

  23. Hi!

    I’m getting married shortly and wanted to get a tattoo to commemorate both my marriage and my family heritage as I’m changing my last name. I want to get “love” in Ukrainian tattooed. I see that there are many different versions of love- can you please send me an appropriate translation? Thanks so much!

  24. My congratulations! 🙂

    I’m sure the best word which fits it is:


    it has the meaning of deep love between people

  25. I’m also looking to get a translation for a Tattoo… My Baba and Gido’s family name is ‘Hunchak’ but unfortunatly they have not writen Ukranian is decades so the talent was lost… Help please?

  26. Hi, I wanted to get a tattoo of the word love in Ukrainian but as said above there are many differnt ways to say it and spell it. I want it to be love, as in love for life?

    Would that be Кохання as well or люблю ?

    thank you!

  27. Yeah Kris, I’d definitely use word:


    in this case if that’s true love for whole life 🙂

  28. I love your site. My father was a proud Ukrainian who settled in Manitoba, Canada. I lost him when I was 10, and I am sooooo much like him in every way. I would love to know what our last name “Koroscil” means and apply it a tattoo to honour our heritage..:)

  29. I have lived in Ukraine for two years as a volunteer and I will be here for 6 more months. I want to get a tattoo before I leave country to remember my service. Does anyone know of a good place that I can go. OR perhaps an online directory of places in Ukraine. I’ve tried googling it…but perhaps I am missing something.

  30. I am looking to get a tattoo..I want to get “love yourself” or “family” in Ukrainian. PLease help!

  31. Here it is 🙂

    “love yourself” = “Шануй себе”
    “family” = родина or сім’я

  32. Thank you!!!

    I was just wondering if there’s one version of family that is more suitable than the other-or what the difference is? It may be a silly question but I thought it’d be smarter to ask!

  33. It’s good question in fact as there are really a few words with same meaning for family:

    родина = it has wider meaning (like all people are big family)
    сім’я = means actual family: father/mother/children (also can be used “all people are big family” but not much often)

  34. Thank you.

    So based on YOUR opinion, if the tattoo is to represent the closeness and importance of family to me (mom, dad, brother, cousins, etc) which would be more appropriate?

    The reason I want to get it is because my grandpa who was ukrainian and all his children (aunts, uncles of mine) and all my cousins and I are very close. And I want this to represent them and their importance to me in my life.

    If that makes any sense!

    I REALLY appreciate all ur help, I just want to get it right!

  35. in this case I’d definitely use word – “родина”

  36. would you be so kind to translate….
    love and happiness for me? I am at a turning point in my life where these would be appropriate words to use….

    many thanks.

  37. Translation is “Любов і радість для мене”

  38. Hi, me and my older sister are wanting to get a tattoo that symbolizes us in ukrainian… nothing too cheesy, were sisters but also best friends, any ideas? we’re stumped on ideas.

  39. umm.. not even sure. I guess if you can provide english version I’d translate but need some idea too

  40. Hello,

    My grandfather just passed away. He was definately my everything. He was 100% Ukrainian and absolutely proud of it. The sad thing is, I never took time to learn the language and my father has forgotten. But, in honor of my grandfather, I wanted a tattoo that says “Beloved Grandfather” (or ‘Poppy’ [if that can be translated])

    Thank you so much!

  41. Hi Angela,

    I’m sorry to hear that your grandfather passed away. We say in this case “хай земля буде пухом” which means – “hope he will be fine in that another world”. As for the translations here it is:
    “Beloved Grandfather” = “улюблений дідусь” (which is direct translation) or “пам’ятаю про тебе дідусю” (which rather have meaning I’ll always remember about you grandfather)

  42. Hello,

    Just wondering if you would be able to share the translations for ‘to love’ and ‘to live’ with me? I just want to double-check the translation I currently have.

    Thanks so much!

  43. to love = любити
    to live = жити

    you are welcome! 🙂

  44. Hello,

    My Baba passed away a few years ago and I want to get a tattoo to remember her by. Everytime she said goodbye she would always say “I love you” in Ukrainian. Would you be able to translate that for me please.

    Thank you!

  45. Hi Chris,

    the translation is “любити життя” 🙂

  46. Hi Jolene,

    that sounds in ukrainian “я люблю тебе”

  47. Hi! Can you tell me the difference betweeen these three words meaning “stregth” МІЦЬ, ПОТУГА, СИЛА?

  48. Hey! I was wondering if you could translate ‘happiness’ for me? I am thinking of getting a tattoo, but I definitely want it written correctly on me!

  49. Could you please translate “Sisters are flowers from the same garden” for me, my sister passed away and I wanted to get a tattoo in ukrainian in memory of her. Thank you.

  50. Leah I’m sorry to hear about your sister.
    “Sisters are flowers from the same garden” translates “сестри – то квіти з одного саду”

  51. Hi, i was thinking of getting a tatto in ukrainian of a religious passage or saying but am having trouble finding anything would you know of anything?

  52. I’m looking for translation of ‘You are My Sunshine’ and ‘I’ll always be your Sunshine.’ Also trying to find the lyrics to the song ‘You are My Sunshine’ already translated? Any suggestions? My Baba has just recently passed in the last few weeks and she used to call me her Sunshine and sing the song to me all the time.

  53. I would like to know the translation for ” believe in love” Thanks

  54. Could you also translate family forever my father passed away last year and had family tattooed on his forearm in Ukrainian and for my 18th birthday i would like to get a memorial tattoo in his honor it would be greatly appreciated!

  55. Could you please translate my grandparent’s last name for me? It’s “Letchuk”. Thank you so much!

  56. Wanting to get my last name “Kunyk” down my tricep, could you please translate and also provide the Ukrainian script?

    Thank you!

  57. hi there i lost my father a few years back. one of the lst things he ever said to his kids was “enjoy every moment. it goes by to quick.” how would this be translated into ukrainian as i would love to get this tattooed.

  58. hi there i lost my father a few years back. one of the last things he ever said to his kids was “enjoy every moment. it goes by to quick.” how would this be translated into ukrainian as i would love to get this tattooed.

  59. Hi Kellen,

    In ukrainian it is Куник – and unfortunately I can’t say what meaning it has. Probably it’s some old kind of word

  60. Hi Lorne,

    Sorry about your farther.
    Great words “enjoy every moment. it goes by to quick.” – in ukrainian sounds like:

    “цінуй кожну мить свого життя – воно швидко минає”

  61. Would you please translate ” love yourself” for me I would like a tattoo that says this.

  62. Hi,

    I’ve wanted to get a tattoo for a while that says ‘Courage is not the absence of fear’ and my grandad passed away last week so i want to get it in Ukrainian as a reminder of him, can you help with a translation please


  63. Hi, I was wondering if Ризик is the correct translation of “risk”. I want to get a tattoo and I just want to make sure its right. thanks

  64. I was looking to get a tatoo in memory of my great baba, when i was younger she always sang ‘you are my sunshine’ in ukrainian to put me to sleep. I want to do a sun with the ukrainian words for ‘you are my sunshine’ above or in the sun. Can you help me with the translation?

  65. I was wondering if there was a way to spell the name, “Kimmy” in Unkrainian? Thank You.

  66. Dear Admin,

    I am very proud of my ukrainian heritage and there are 3 tattoo ideas i was wanting to have written in ukrainian and I was hoping you could give me the proper translations?


    and my last name


    It would be highly appreciated and thanks so much for your time 🙂

  67. Hi Admin,

    Both my Great Baba & my Gido passed away when I was very young, but I cherish the memories I have & want to Tattoo that on my arm. Unfortunately, with their passing, my mother has lost the majority of her knowledge of the language, having no one to speak it to. If you could let me know how to spell Zayezierski in Ukrainian & also, if there is a meaning behind our name, I would greatly appreciate it.(the other words I was looking for have already been written on this site, so I thank-you in advance 🙂 )

  68. Hi, im wanting to get my children’s names tattooed on me and i would like to have them in Ukrainian. My son’s name is Everett and daughter’s name is Lilly. But i would like to have them in a nice written script font. Would you be able to translate the names into a nice writing font? Thank you.

  69. hello…. i live in simferopol n i want a tatoo. pls where can i get 1? thanks

  70. Hey there ,

    I was hoping to get a tattoo in Ukrainian , either “family” or my last name “Parfeniuk” but it’s hard to find a solid answer , if you could help me out it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,
    Bailey .

  71. Hi! My Grandma just passed away and I want to get a tattoo saying something about how she meets my grandpa in another life. Something like:
    “Grandma and Grandpa: Reunited in a better life.”

  72. hey Becky, it would be:

    “Дідусю і бабусю: воз’єдналися в кращому житті”

  73. Was wondering if you could tell me how to properly get this tattoo’d in Ukrainian? I know its long so if you cant i understand, thanks!
    “Anger may in time change to gladness; vexation may be succeeded by content.
    But a kingdom that has once been destroyed can never come again into being; nor can the dead ever be brought back to life.”

  74. Hello there! 🙂

    I’m from Scotland and I have to admit ive fallen in love with the Ukranian language, i’d love to visit the country sometime and i’m considering spending a year of study in either Donetsk or Kyiv.

    I’d like a tattoo saying ” Daniel ” in Ukranian, I feel this would make me rather unique as everyone else seems to go for English or Japanese. I believe the translation is ” Данило ” but I just wanted to be 100% sure before I get it inked onto me.

    One more thing, could you please translate ” Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. ”

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  75. Hi there, yes Данило is the name analogue of Daniel and this phrase “Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” I’d translate as:

    Знання мають межу, лиш уява здатна охопити цілий світ

  76. Hi everyone,

    I’m in the process of creating a tattoo for myself. As we all have struggles in life
    I’ve been trying to find a suitable phrase that I can dwell on in tough times.
    Something like “there is hope”.
    Would “надія є” be a suitable translation for “there is hope”


    What are some good phrases to portray confidence and ambition?
    Something like “seize the day”

    Any other suggestions?

  77. Hi everyone!

    I am in the process of creating a tattoo for myself and ive come to a fork in the road. My first option is, since we all have struggles in life, I would like a suitable phrase i can dwell on in tough times. something like “there is hope”- would “надія є” be a suitable translation for this?

    or the other path,

    what are some good phrases to portray confidence and ambition? something like “seize the day”

    any suggestions?

    thanks so much!!

  78. Hi, me and my sister are planning on getting tattoos in Ukrainian that say ‘older sister’ ‘younger sister’ I was wondering if you could help me with the translation of those. Thanks!

  79. Hi, I love the website. i would like to get a tattoo in honor my Ukrainian grandmother. Either a symbol for strength, or in the rare chance you can help me…Her maiden name was Demay, I am not sure if that was Americanized or not. If you could email the Ukrainian writing of it, and any info of what it meant or origin. I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you!!!

  80. Hi I was wondering if you could translate “i love you baba” or if you know a symbol for baba in ukrainian for me? Or if there is another phrase along the lines of love you baba or miss you baba. Any phrase along those lines would be great!!

  81. oh also could you translate “you will always be missed baba” for me please!

  82. Hi There,

    I am wanting to get a tattoo for my baba! I would love to get the word ‘baba’ in ukranian script if you would be able to help me out? Or if there is a symbol that represents baba also.

    Thank You so much you are doing an amazing job 🙂

  83. Hi There,

    I was wanting to get a tattoo for my baba has she has passed away! I would love to get baba translated into ukranian script if that was possible? and also if there is a symbol that represents or means baba.

    Thanks so much! love your work 🙂

  84. Hello, I am looking to have a tattoo done to represent my Ukrainian grandma.


    Thank you

  85. My grandad taught me Ukrainian and the only thing I remember is ‘I love you’. As he recently passed I would like to get this tattooed but not quite sure of the exact translation as I have seen many. Also is there any type of symbol for love in the Ukrainian culture.! ( besides a heart )Thanks this is greatly appreciated .

  86. My grandad taught me Ukrainian and the only thing I remember is ‘I love you’. As he recently passed I would like to get this tattooed but not quite sure of the exact translation as I have seen many. Also is there any type of symbol for love in the Ukrainian culture.! ( besides a heart )Thanks this is greatly appreciated .

  87. Hi Karr, the proper translation is:

    Я люблю тебе

    As for the symbol – the only one I can think of is the heart

  88. Can you write “don’t worry, be happy” in Ukrainian. My Gido passed away this year and he’d always tell me that. I’d love to get it tattooed on me but want it in Ukrainian writing for him and my Baba. Thanks ?

  89. hey Tara,

    I’d say it this way:

    Радій, а не журися!


  90. Hello, I would love to gef my Childrens names, in Ukrainian put on my inner fore arm. The printing of ukrainisn is quite boxy and was hopping you could send me there names hand written in Ukraine.
    There names are Jessica Lee and Christina Marie. Keeping and inbetween may work, not sure thankyou!!

  91. Hi I would like to get a tattoo that says I love you And the names of my family. My father is Arsen, mom is Sandy sons Nicholas and Christopher and sister Sharon. Also how would you say/write the word Freedom and are there any Ukrainian symbols for freedom? If possible I would love to know the origin of the last names of my grandparents. Grandfather Machugovskiy; Grandmother Manujlowytsch. Any help would be ver appreciated!!!

  92. Hi, ok so it should be:

    Я люблю Вас (I love you)
    Арсен, Сенді, Нікола, Крістофер, Шарон (names)

    In regards to freedom the best word for it is:


    and some symbols you can use is provided in this e-book we published on iTunes:

    Re these last names – they are definitely ukrainian ones but I really don’t know their meaning. You may need to dig into some old archives to figure it out.


  93. My dad passed away recently and I would like to get a tattoo for him. How do you write dad in Ukrainian?

  94. Dear Shannon, sorry about your dad, you can use


    for it in ukrainian

  95. Does anyone know any short quotes about strength in Ukrainian? I wanted to simply get the word ‘strength’ (сила) but it’s the same spelling in Russian and I wanted it to be uniquely Ukrainian. Thank you!

  96. Hey Sammy, there are lot of proverbs, for instance:

    Без вміння і сила зайва

    Без діла псується сила

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