More beehives

More beehives, originally uploaded by LarysaS.

Museum of Folk Architecture and Rural Life. Pyrohovo, Kyiv.

Over time historical buildings have been brought here from all over Ukraine to live the communal life of an open-air museum. The space is split into the regions of Ukraine so that the buildings are grouped by geographic origin.

The beehives where used as such in the past, disused now. They have been brought from Volyn’ a province in Western Ukraine. They are made from the trunks of trees and each one is slightly different; different trees lend themselves to different effects. Some of them are decorated, carved or have thatched rooves. Each trunk would have a section cut out which is used to hollow out the trunk and then the outer piece is refitted as a sort of ‘door’ into the inside.
Today they are populated only by small visiting children, who can get inside for a moments hide and seek. I cannot tell you exactly how old they are though or which village they were brought from, though this record will be available at the Museum.


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