1. Hello,

    My brother and I were thinking of getting a tatoo of a meaningful phrase in Ukrainian. I came across these two:

    Cтеп та воля – козацька доля or Тримай голову в холоді, живіт у голоді, а ноги у теплі.

    Would it be offensive to have these tatoos? Is there anywhere on the body it would be considered offensive? Also, if you have any ideas of phrases with similar meanings it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Hi Dan,

    I don’t think any of these tatoos could be considered as offensive. They have absolutely different meaning though so I cant suggest anything here as not sure what exactly you are looking for.

    So first one has more anarchy sense – like “all I want is freedom”. Second one is kind of humorist advise like – “keep your legs in warm and you gonna be ok”.

    As you can see they are absolutely different and I’m not sure which one you’d like to put on your body 🙂

    I’d vote for 1st one though as it’s truly Ukrainian phrase

  3. I am ukrainian and wondered what my last name translates to or what it generally means? I’ve heard “Big Head” or something of that sort but would like to know if it has a meaning to it. I’m also looking to get a ukrainian tattoo with my brother but wanted something other than just the tryzub. Not sure what it will be but I wanted a ukrainian symbol that represents brotherhood.

  4. Well, i’m not expert in such things and there is no word “Holowchak” in ukrainian but it sounds like word derivative from “head” (it’s not “big head” but rather has the sense of smart head kind of “headdy boy”)

    As for brotherhood symbol you can use 2 arms or 2 swords which has the meaning of friendship or brotherhood.

    But as for me just love your brother as much as you can b/c of you are of the same blood and you wont need tatoo to prove it 🙂

  5. Hi I am a Ukranian, and I have been wanting to get a tattoo that translates “Believe in love” it represents alot to me and I want to make sure I know the proper way to spell it before getting it. Could you please help me? Thanks 🙂

  6. Hi I beleive my surname is Ukrainian my grandad always said he was ukrainian when he arrived and settled in scotland years ago but I cant seem to find the name on any Ukrainian name websites, I was wanting to have my name translated into Ukrainian writing and tattoo’d down my spine but want to get the exact origin of my name and exact writing and translation? Can anybody help? thanks ever so much 🙂 xx

  7. in ukrainian it would be: Діана Шкварчило

    Translation for Шкварчило (Skwarczylo) is “man who sizzle”. It must old cossacks surname as I’ve never met such one here and its rarely using nowadays.

  8. Hi,
    i first want to say i love your website.. it really helped pick out what i wanted for a tattoo. i was just wondering if you could help me out on the pronounciation on the word strength СИЛА. thanks so much. have a great day:)

  9. Hi, I was wondering if my surname can be translated into Ukrainian? My grandad came over to the UK after WW2 and this is how he believed his surname would be spelt in English. He passed away before I got chance to ask him how it is written in Ukrainian and also, if there is any meaning behind it.

  10. hi.. my last name is Javni and would like it translated into ukrainian , can anyone help . thanks

  11. pleased could someone let me know the spelling of the word FAMILY in ukrainian for a tattoo id like to get, thanks

  12. I am trying to find out more about my last name. My grandfather spelled it “Drohomereski” I would love to know how it would be spelled in Ukrainian, and/or the definition or background.

  13. First off…Great website!

    Anyways. My sisters and I wanted to get matching tattoos. Either Rurka Or Family. Unlike the rest of our extended family, we don’t know Ukrainian (just some words), so I was wondering if someone could help me on how you write FAMILY or RURKA in Ukrainian. Also, I saw that you were able to tell the meaning of someones last name, would you be able to tell me the meaning ok Chomic and Rurka??

    Thank you so much 🙂

  14. Hey Tracy,

    Here is info for you:

    RURKA = ТРУБА (it translates as pipe)

  15. Can you please translate a few things for me.
    Every problem has a gift in hand .
    Follow your dreams .
    In my sons name I would like to have written in ukrainian my mom said you can’t but it’s Xzorian
    I guess if you can’t I will take happy because that’s what his name means

  16. I’ve been wanting to get a short phrase translated for a tattoo, I was wondering if anyone could help me out.
    There’s one I like it goes: “May I have the serenity to accept that which I must, the courage to change that which I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”

  17. Hi, I am half Ukrainian, and half Irish. I love both sides of my heritage! I just recently got a celtic symbol for inner strength tattooed on my inner wrist, and I was wondering if there is also a ukrainian symbol for strength? If not is there some symbol for peace/happiness/serenity I could use to get tattooed on my other wrist?

  18. I wanted the phrase “forever in my heart and soul” in ukrainian as a memory of my nana and to show her before she passes, I’m wondering what it would translate to.

  19. Hi. Me and my siblings want to get a tattoo, and we want it in Ukrainian. I was wondering if anyone could translate “Live for Family” into Ukrainian. That would be awesome!

  20. i have a ukranian surname and my grandad was ukranian i want to know how grandad is written in ukranian so i can have it tattooed thanks

  21. i would like to get a tattoo and was wondering how to spell cossack in ukrainian.also, my real last name is kolotkovic. could you tell me the meaning of it. thankyou

  22. Hey there love this site.. WHAT A FIND! the first site i’ve ever been on trying to trace my roots that made me feel like i wasn’t alone in this! I want to get a tattoo that says “my father came from Zhitomyr” with the tryzub above it.. hope i don’t spell it wrong! Also my surname has been recorded as Slipszenko when my dad came over shortly after the war but I’m sure it should be Slipchenko. Is this a common name around Zhitomyr way? THANKS 🙂

  23. Hi
    Ii wanted to get the phrase
    To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die
    tattooed for my grandparents who have passed but I have got multiple different translations on the internet. Can anyone translate this for me please.
    Thanks so much

  24. Hi there, my grandma recently passed away and my sister and I were wanting to get the word strength in Ukrainian. We were wondering if you could translate it for us

  25. I would like to get “Strength” tattooed but I cannot seem to get a clear answer on what it is in Ukrainian! Help!

  26. Hi guys,

    Sorry for the delay and so many requests.. just let me go through them one by one:

    strength = “сила”
    “my father came from Zhitomyr” = “мій тато приїхав з Житомира”
    cossack = “козаки”
    “Live for Family” = “жити заради Батьківщини”

  27. Hello,
    My great grandparents came over from ukraine just before world war 1 and I was hoping to figure out what the translation of there last name was, as id like to possibly get some kind of tattoo of it. The last name was “Lalick.”

  28. Hi Ryan,

    As far as I know there is no word “lalick” – its either has some french roots derived from “lalique” or it could be wrong pronaunciation of “leleka” word which means “stork”

  29. Hmm I’m starting to think that the spelling or name has been changed, because I have traced back there roots to where they were born in galicia in the 1800’s. And I know they were Ukrainian because they would speak the language around and all sorts of that stuff. Is there any other possible names? Although the last one you said seems pretty possible.

  30. oh you know actually “lalick” rather sounds like “лилик” (very similar when pronouncing it) which is old ukrainian word and its not using anymore and it means “bat” (kinda flying mouse).

  31. Hmm that’s really cool actually so it translates into bat? that’s really awesome, and the writing u gave me that’s actually how it would be written in that time period?
    Thanks for everything,
    Ryan c.

  32. hello love the website, and was wondering if you could tell me the meaning of my last name and the Ukrainian spelling.

  33. My great grandmother’s maiden name was Garmus. I have been unable to find the surname anywhere online though and would love to have it translated and/or written in Ukrainian. I was told once that there is a famous soccer/football player with the same last name from Ukraine. However, my understanding is that while her parents were both from Ukraine, her mother (my great great grandmother) was actually a German Jew born and raised in Ukraine. Apparently there were quite a few German Jews in Ukraine during the Industrial Revolution. Is anyone out there familiar with this subject? Thanks for your assistance!

  34. Also, does anyone know how to write “I Am” in Ukrainian? My understanding is that it’s just a backwards R, but I’m getting a tattoo and I don’t want to do it wrong!

  35. do u know if there’s any way to say limitless I Ukrainian?

  36. I’ve posted once before, but I am not sure if it was missed? I’m still looking at getting a Ukrainian tattoo, but now I’m hoping to get the names Garmus and Hirsch translated into Ukrainian. Hirsch is German, but my great great grandmother was a German from Ukraine, born in Odessa. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  37. Im looking for the proper writing of strength, unity, freedom. Also if possible the words ” forever love”. I’m getting a tattoo to surprise my grandmother at Easter. She is from Ukraine and my parents one Ukrainian and one Irish heritage. I’ve had Irish heritage tattoos and now I have the Ukrainian trident and I would like to add one or if not both of these phrases or words.

  38. Hey! I was looking to get my Mother’s last name tattooed on me and was wondering if you could translate it for me?
    Her last name is Iwachniuk

    Thank you!!

  39. this site is awsome, and was just wondering if you can translate “the brave do not live forever, but the cautious do not live at all.” to make sure i have it right.


  40. Hi there! Could you translate Korchinski into Ukrainian letters? Also, what would Truth be as well? Is there a lot of Korchinski’s where you are? Thanks so much!

  41. I am 1/2 Ukrainian. The Tryzub that my grandmother had hanging in her house was beautiful! I can not find an image online that resembles it. It was a wooden plaque and I believe it was hand painted. I wish I had it to take a photo… Can you give me a website with older Tryzub designs? I dont know if she brought it with her when they came to America in 1952. Or if she purchased it in Rhode Island or maybe in California. I remember it always hanging in her house, and that would be 1970-2009.
    My two sisters and I are going to get a Tryzub tattoo. 1/2 Ukrainian 1/2 American.
    Her last name (maiden name) was Moleshinko and my grandfathers last name was Matijkowicz. Thank you

  42. Hi just loving your website here! getting alot of great ideas! i think this is a good thing your doing here for the under knoledged ukrainian population, so thankyou

    if you could, these are the translations i am looking for:
    my last name
    “believe in your self”
    “make friends not enemies”
    “one life to live, live it”
    “be true to yourself”

  43. Hello! I am ethnical ukrainian un US, but i don’t really speak Ukrainian. My family moved to Yugoslavia after first world war and we don’t have much documents about meaning of our name, and those that we do are in latin. In serbo-croatian its written Bohatjuk. I came to conclusion that its written Богатюк in ukrainian and that its meaning is “son of the rich”. My family is from Ternopil oblast. Can you tell me if i translated my surname correctly?

  44. I’m sorry for being impatient. This site is great! very popular. I see why you are having a difficult time keeping up with all of our request!
    thanks again, victoria
    original post:
    Victoria on July 26, 2012 6:04 am
    I am 1/2 Ukrainian. The Tryzub that my grandmother had hanging in her house was beautiful! I can not find an image online that resembles it. It was a wooden plaque and I believe it was hand painted. I wish I had it to take a photo… Can you give me a website with older Tryzub designs? I dont know if she brought it with her when they came to America in 1952. Or if she purchased it in Rhode Island or maybe in California. I remember it always hanging in her house, and that would be 1970-2009.
    My two sisters and I are going to get a Tryzub tattoo. 1/2 Ukrainian 1/2 American.
    Her last name (maiden name) was Moleshinko and my grandfathers last name was Matijkowicz. Thank you

  45. Hi Truby,

    Proper transcription for Korchinski is “Корчинський” (if man) or “Корчинська” (if woman)


  46. Hey! I was looking to get my Mother’s last name tattooed on me and was wondering if you could translate it for me?
    Her last name is Iwachniuk

    Thank you!!

  47. Hi,Mikael!
    Your last name translates as “timberman”
    believ in your self-вiр в своi сили
    make friends not enemies-шукай друзiв,а не ворогiв
    one life to live,live it-життя живемо один раз,проживи його гiдно
    be true to yourself-будьсамим-собою

  48. Hello, I was wondering how to translate my last name into ukrainian. It is SEREDIUK.

    Thank you

  49. Hello!

    I am very impressed by this website! My grandmother, who is Ukrainian, passed away when I was young. I’ve received very little information about the history of my family and their surname which is Olesh. I’m not sure if it was shortened when my great-grandparents came to the U.S. Also, how would you spell and pronounce family in Ukrainian? Family is very important to me.

    Thank you very much in advance for your time and sharing you knowledge.



  50. Dear Kera,

    “Olesh” is well known surname in Ukraine, there is city and castle called that way (in ukrainian it sounds “Олеськ”). Most probably this word is derivative from name “Oleg” which is scandinavic one but quite popular in Ukraine since early ages:

  51. Hi there!

    My grandad unfortunatly passed away not long ago and he is originally Lviv, his name was Petro Okopskyj.
    I was wondering if you could translate something for a tattoo i am looking at?

    The heart and soul of my family,
    An unspoken presence,
    A true inspiration,
    Love you always!

    Thankyou very much!

  52. hi Phill,

    here is translation for you:

    ти серце і душа нашої сімї,
    твоя несказана присутність,
    направду надихає,
    зажди буду любити тебе!

    дуже дякую!

  53. Hi,

    I was wondering if you could translate my last name into Ukrainian. My great grandfather came over to the US around 1906. I have found two different ways my last name was spelled and was wondering if you could tell me which one was the proper sur name (correct spelling)also any meaning to it. My last name is Zoslocki, but in 1906 Ellis Island archives spelled it Zaslocki and the 1920 census spelled it Zaslosky. Thanks.

  54. Hi there again! Thank you so much for translating my last post, what you are doing for everyone is awsome!

    Could you translate 2 names to ukraine please?



  55. Hi Phill,

    not sure if these are english names which you want to translate or transcript in ukrainian. I don’t think these words can be translated so I’d rather write them using ukrainian letters:


  56. Hi ! i was just wondering if you could give me a correct translation for my lastname , charette !

  57. My grandparents all decided to skip this world last year,they were really old..just wondering what their names meant. They changed my dads when they got here but. They were kerchenko kopchenko and melachankoand one was kristof..any help?

  58. I know it might be pretty far-fetched to get you to realistically help me with this, but I haven’t spoken Ukrainian in a long time and I don’t really remember it at all. I wanted to get a phrase in Ukrainian that would represent death in anyway. As I said, my I have been out of the speaking and culture of Ukraine for a long time, so I was wondering if there was a well known phrase or something that would fit in this situation. I want it in Ukrainian so that it is more personal to me, and I dont really want people understanding what it says.

  59. Hello! I am 1/2 Ukrainian (on my dads side) and I was wondering what the origin of my last name was. It’s Dmytryshyn and I can’t find any records on where it’s from or what it means. When my family settled in canada they did not keep up much of their history to pass on. I would be great full for any help on this. I am planning on getting it tattooed at some point with the trident.

  60. Hey Olivia,

    Dmytryshyn is quite popular last name here and it has quite simple meaning – “the ones who have relation to Dmytro” (so his children or brothers etc).
    Dmytro is popular ukranian name, not sure what is english alternative but I’m sure there must be the one as this is catholic name.


  61. Hey Ewen, re your question: “I wanted to get a phrase in Ukrainian that would represent death in anyway” – the common used word is:


  62. Hi Nickolas,

    “They were kerchenko kopchenko and melachankoand one was kristof” – керченко і меланченко – these last names don’t really some meaning – it sounds like names built using geographical location of their anchestors (there is e.g. big city Kerch in Crimea).

  63. I’m thinking of getting a tattoo and as it will be my first I want it to be meaningful. So I evidently gravitated toward my Ukrainian roots and have decided to get a tryzub. I was wondering want my name in Ukrainian was written like and what freedom is. I have found how to spell it I just want to make sure it’s not Russian. Cheers

  64. Hello, My son wants to get a tattoo of the word Family in Ukraninian and I would like if someone could verify the proper way to write it in Old Ukraninian style?? Thanks for your time!!!

  65. Hi There,
    I am looking for a ukrainain symbol for family? Is there such a one. I have googled and it keeps returning me to the Tryzub symbol for Ukraine. Also, could you translate sister in ukrainian for me, (as well how to pronounce it in english)?
    Thanks, great site 🙂

  66. I am getting a tattoo of the phrase ‘and this too shall pass’ in Ukrainian but cannot seem to find a translation. I know that the literal translation would not make sense in ukrainian but perhaps a similiar phrase…can anyone help me out?

  67. just wondering the origin/meaning of my last name Pankow. Also I want to get this tattooed in Ukrainian
    Erin, the love of my life.

  68. I was wondering if anyone knew how to translate my last name Roschtscha into Ukrainian. My dad came to the U.S. as a child. Any history would be great too

  69. Hey Rayn,

    Roschtscha is a russian word which has the meaning of the forest.


  70. Hey Steve,

    Surnam Pankow may have the meaning of “top guy” – it was using in old times to describe rich people

  71. Also “Erin, the love of my life” in ukrainian transcription –

    “Ерін – ти любов мого життя”

  72. My last name is Tkachuk. I was wondering if I could get a translation?

  73. My father passed away and our background is from the Ukraine. I cant speak it but I would like to get a tattoo for him saying “Daddy’s Girl” I don’t trust an online translator to translate it properly. Can you help me?

  74. Hi Natasha,

    The proper translation would be “таткова дівчинка”

  75. Hello my name is larisa and I wanted help With this thranslation to Ukrainian..

    “if you dont live for something…you will die for nothing. Freedom is given to those who fight til their last breath in this life and does not accept anything less”


  76. HI my name is larisa and I wanted help.with an exact translation or similar in Ukrainian

    if you dont live for something…you will die for nothing. Freedom is given to those who fight til their last breath in this life and does not accept anything less”

  77. Hello I’m very curious to know if my last name has a meaning my surname is Pankiw and my grandmothers last name was Stephaniw not sure which cities they were from but am certain they came from the Ukraine as they told us many stories. I did take English/Ukrainian in school but all my teachers would spell my last name different ways thanks:)

  78. My last name is Stecyk, and my father was born in Ukraine but came to Canada when he was very young and doesn’t know a lot about Ukraine as his father died in a car accident when he was young. I am wondering if you could translate “Stecyk” and if you knew anything about the last name? What does it mean? My ukrainski is not so good but my Ruski is better.


  79. Hey Pankiw,

    Your surname is very old one and also quite typically common. I personally know many people in Ukraine with such surname.

    Most probably its derivative from “Panteleimon” name

  80. Hi Stecyk,

    Thanks for your interest about your roots.
    This surname is typically western ukrainian one. It appears mostly on lands which were under control of Poland earlier. “Stecyk” derivatives from name of Stephan but read on ukrainian maner

  81. Hi, I am half Ukrainian and I wanted to know if you could translate my last name for me? It’s Bozydaj I don’t know if it can be or not.. But it’d be really amazing to get it tattooed in the native language if possible.
    Thank you!

  82. Thank you for this web site.
    My grandfather was a great man who was the president of the Ukranian church in Ardeer Australia.
    It looks like you could start a web site for all us descendants from Ukranian heritage.
    there are a lot of children who have ukranian heritage,but have no knowledge of the past or meanings of their surnames.
    my surname is schuliga.
    He was born in Lviv or lavov.
    Could you please tell me if schuliga is a common surname.
    A reply would mean the world to me as I have asked several websites in Canada the same question, but no reply’s.
    Thank you John Schuliga

  83. I think you are doing a wonderful thing. I’m half Ukrainian. I was wondering how Pasowystyj would be written in Ukrainian and if you know anything about the name. Thank you very much.

  84. Hi Tammy, thank you for good words.
    It would be written as “Пасовистий”. I think it derivates from “пасовисько” which translates as “shieling” I guess

  85. thank you so much for your reply natalka.
    your website means alot,to the children of ukranians
    kind regards

    john schuliga

  86. Hello Natalka,
    My grandparents are ukrainian and I would like to get a tattoo in ukrainian. How do you write “Family first” in ukrainian please ? Thank you very much for your answer.

  87. Dear Charlotte, you can use – “сім’я на першому місці”

  88. What a great site. My father recently passed away. His name was Lubomyr Yurechko. I was curious what Yurechko might mean, and the history of the name. I also am planning to get a tattoo to honor my father, and was thinking of: “Believe in Heroes”. Could you possibly translate for me? Thanks so much.

  89. Dear Doug,

    “Yurechko” is derivative from name Yury. It has the meaning of “son of Yury” (Yury is popular ukrainian name, english alternative for it is George).

    “Believe in Heroes” direct translation would be “Вірю в героїв” but I’d suggest native and very close in the meaning version of it:

    Героям слава!

    which has the meaning of “glory to heroes” and very common phrase to identify yourself as ukrainian.

  90. It’s not offensive at all, actually looks absolutely great – please tell us more about how you made it

  91. Just had it done. I used the Tryzub to represent my father. I added the wings to symbolize his passing into heaven. And I used the ‘Believe in heroes.’ for several reasons – (1) he was my hero, (2) he was US Marine, and (3) he proudly supported Wounded Warriors which is an organization that helps military members wounded in combat (this is there motto). Here is a link to the finished piece.

    Thanks for your help on this.

  92. Hi there I am looking to get the word strength in Ukrainian as part of a tattoo on my arm but in the scense of inner strength not physical strength I have found a few words but am not sure on which one is proper

  93. Hey Ally,
    I guess the possible option for what you are looking for is:

    “міцний дух”

    (which means something like strong spirit)

  94. Hi there, I was hoping to have my last name translated to honour my grandfather for a tattoo. It is Wiwcharyk, and any information you may know of or have regarding the name would be greatly appreciated! From what I have heard the spelling did change a bit when my great great grandparents came to Canada. Thank you so much!

  95. Hi Jolene,

    the translation of Wiwcharyk is sheep-master but it also has very smooth shade, i.e. proper translation would be “lovely sheep-master” or “little sheep-master”. I don’t think it has changed very much for many years as we still have many people with such last name.
    It’s worth to mention that there is also lovely song where “wiwcharyk” is mentioned a few times and I have found English translation of it on YouTube:

  96. Hi, my last name is Baranowsky I was just wondering if you know what the correct spelling is in ukrainian as I haven’t studied any lettering or translations since I was little

  97. hi Osana, welcome here. The correct spelling is:
    (in english transcript – [baranovs’kij])

  98. Could anyone tell me what my name BOJKO means please and what part of Ukraine it originates from? Also heard from Russia as well. Any help would be great

  99. Hey Luke,
    I can’t be 100% sure about meaning of your surname b/c there are actually 2 different ways to say it: BOJKO and BOIKO.

    BOIKO is 100% west ukrainian surname (its very popular even nowadays here), I think it’s one of most common used surnames. And it goes from naming of inhabitants in western half of the Carpathians in Ukraine. You can find more about it here

    On other hand BOJKO sounds quite different. It appears mostly in central and eastern parts of Ukraine and there is no single version of originating for this surname. Some says it comes from popular ukrainian name “Bogdan” which means “given by God”. The other says goes from word “long wished for”, in ukrainian “бажаний”.

    So I guess you’d need to figure out which region from your family was originally to know for sure meaning of surname.
    Also it definitely has nothing with russian surnames.

    Wish you all the best!

  100. Hi, my last name is Tywunka and I was wondering what the spelling is in Ukrainian, cannot find it anywhere. Thank you very much

  101. Hi Chris, its quite unusual surname. I’ve never heard of such one but its definitely ukrainian last name. The spelling is:

    [ t y v u n’ k a ]

    or in ukrainian letters it’s


  102. Thank you very much, appreciate it. Do you know if it has a meaning?

  103. Hi there! I am wondering if you can tell me how to spell my surname, Achtemichuk, in Ukrainian?

  104. Can anyone translate redemption in Ukranian as I want to get it inked on my hand. I Googled and found this – ВИKУП. But I am not sure. Please help

  105. well Dave I’d not hurry up with inking “викуп”. it’s one of possible translations but it’s very depends on context and may have totally different meaning. Let me know what kind of phrase its part of, or whats the story behind that word.

  106. Hi Natalka,

    Thanks for reaching out! I am looking for redemption as in salvation or the act of redeeming oneself. Deeper meaning is – “life is a redemption for all your sins.” It is more related to ‘Karma’ here.

  107. ok that’s what I thought, so the proper translation would be:


    it has all the shades of the “sins redemption” phrase and is using in such context. The word you found “викуп” has nothing with it and has the rather some shade of “blackmailing”.
    Don’t forget to share photo of your tattoo with us when its done 🙂

  108. Hey thanx for the advise!
    Not to bore you much, by redemption I mean getting released from all the sins that we have done. In my philosophy, death is the redemption of life. It is what you pay for living…
    Isnt викуп ransom/redemption in English, which you have to pay to redeem yourself?
    I am now confused completely :(…

    I will definitely share the pic of the tattoo once its done..first I need to finalize the text ..:)

  109. hey Dave, no worries.
    ВИКУП – is not correct word for this situation. here is when it’s using – e.g. kidnappers want to obtain ВИКУП in order to give back what they took.
    or alternatively we have such custom that when boy is getting married he should pay symbolical ВИКУП for his future wife.

    I think СПОКУТА more fits for what you want to say.

  110. Hmm…thanx a ton again! What you are saying is correct as well. However, it means more of atonement and penance.

    The meaning of ВИКУП (vykup) that you have shared fits more for my intrepretation..

    You have actually cleared the doubts that I had…:)

  111. Hello again. I was wondering if you could translate my last name into Ukrainian. It’s SEREDIUK

  112. Thank you very much. How about “family, where life begins and love never ends”.

  113. no worries and you are welcome Michael:

    “Сім’я, де починається життя і кохання ніколи не зникає”

  114. I was just wondering what my last name is in Ukrainian. It is now spelled SHINKEWSKI but, I’ve been told the previous spelling may have been SCHINKEVSKY though I’m not 100% sure. Does it mean anything? I just got back from Ukraine and loved it. Really wanting to get a Ukrainian tattoo. Thanks for your amazing help 🙂

  115. Hi Kelcey,

    Thank you for warm words!

    I think its just matter of how its written English. There is no real difference for how SHINKEWSKI and SCHINKEVSKY sounds in ukrainian.

    Don’t forget to show us your new ukrainian tattoo!

  116. Hi there, how would that be spelled in Ukrainian? I’ll definitely show it once I decide 100% 🙂

  117. here is ukrainian spelling for option 1:


    and option 2:


    but i just realized that I can’t find anyone with such surname here in Ukraine.
    So probably there is some kind of mistake in english version. Do you have any other kind of information so I can look up for it

  118. Hello,
    First I wanted to say that I absolutely love this site! I am looking to get a Ukrainian tattoo to represent my heritage as well as my family. Is there any popular phrases regarding family in Ukrainian or do you have any suggestions?

  119. Hey Sam, I think there are quite many family-related phrases but I guess you need to specify what exactly you are looking for, or provide some kind of sample.
    Do you want it to be funny or serious, proverb or some modern sleng etc?

  120. I am looking for something along the lines of serious like family first or family forever however something a little different because I feel as those are fairly common

  121. here is a few which I have on my mind:

    Моя сім’я – моя фортеця (my family is my fortress)
    Брат за брата (the brother protects brother)
    Все купиш, лише тата й мами — ні. (you can buy anything but mother and father)

  122. I was wondering if you could please tell me how to say family is everything in Ukrainian

  123. As well as the love of family makes life beautiful

  124. this website is great!
    I’m hoping to get a tattoo within the next couple days. I’m looking for a translation of something along the lines of “keep trying” or “don’t give up”


  125. Dear Sarah,

    family is everything in Ukrainian —

    “Сім’я – це все”

  126. Dear Sage

    “Don’t give up” in ukrainian is:

    Не здавайся

  127. Hi Nayalka,
    I am looking at getting a tattoo that says love but keep getting different means and writing. can you please tell me which one to use, is it любов or любити ?
    I would like it to mean for love of family.
    Also would you be able to tell me what my family name means and how to write it? Bereshnyj but my Dad thinks it was changed when the family came to Australia. We think it was spelt Bereshnyi.
    Thank you for you help

  128. Hey Katherine,
    You can use word “любов” as its noun (“любити” is verb)
    I think your last name was originally
    which is quite popular here and comes from the “bank of river” — usually people who lived close to rivers had such name
    Hope it will help 🙂

  129. Hello.
    I’m supposed to go to Ukraine next year, to visit my family. I’m 17 years, and my mom thinks it would be a good idea to get my tattoo made in Ukraine, because it’s written in ukrainian. But is it even possible for me, to get a tattoo in Ukraine, when I’m only 17?

  130. lol Rebecca, don’t worry you’ll surely be able to do it
    welcome here

  131. Hi there….
    Just wondering if you could help me out, my mum, sister and cousins are wanting to get a tattoo that says “family” in Ukrainian but have seen different translations, could you please give me the proper translation for what i guess would mean the whole family, as in cousins, grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons and daughters.. if that makes any sense at all…

    Thank you so much in advance..

  132. Hi Tracey,

    the translation which has that meaning is


    You are welcome, happy tattoing 🙂

  133. Hi!
    I LOVE your website. Wow. Thank you so much for helping everyone!
    My last name is Hlymbicky (sometimes spelled Hlembizky). I have a few questions for you:

    -Is it a common/uncommon last name in Ukraine?
    -Does it have any particular meaning in Ukrainian?
    -How would you write it in Ukrainian letters?
    -How do you write “family” in Ukrainian?
    -What is the difference between дім and родина and сім’я ?

    I would be very grateful if you could help me. Thank you so much!!

  134. Hi Risa,

    Thank you for good words about the site!

    So here are the answers in list of order:
    1. its not common for region where I live but it sounds ukrainian-polish and I’ve heard such last name already
    2. i’m honestly not sure about the meaning
    3. here is how its written in ukrainian: ГЛІМБИЦЬКИЙ
    4. family in ukrainian — сімя
    5. дім = house, родина = family in general (so all relatives with their relatives) , сімя = family (so mother, father, kids)

    Hope it will help

  135. Thank you so much, Natalka! I really appreciate your help. Take care.

  136. This is amazing! I have a number of distant family members that I could ask for help with translations but many of them are staunch Catholics and frown upon the idea of tattoos. My mom passed away a couple of years ago and I am planning to get a pair of matryoshka dolls as a tattoo. I would also like to have either an authentic (commonly used) Ukrainian phrase along with it that would be something like “Forever in my heart”. If you could help with a suggestion for something that one would actually say in Ukrainian (not just a direct translation from English), that would be incredibly helpful.

    Also, I have been told that my surname means corner of roasted meat, is this true? My last name is Shinkaruk. My mother’s maiden name was Tatchyn.

    Thanks for any help you can provide!!!

  137. Hello! This website is so great and I hope you’re still using it. I’m looking to get a tattoo that simbolizes family in some way, my whole dads side of the family is 100% Ukrainian and they’ve all passed but one. So I’m really looking for something to keep them in my heart. I don’t want any long sayings, just a simple , small tattoo. If you could please help me out!

  138. Thank you for beautiful work.i have been told my grandma came from kurdybankia , ukraine.(sp) and immigrated her when she was 11. Born 9/11/11. Our last name was holensky. It got changed when she came across. Is it a popular name. I can’t Find this city on the map. She made the best pyrogies. I was lucky she lived in a small town , 5 minutes from my dad’s farm, so I grew up having her. Any information would be appreciated or where to research our name there. Blessings, laurie

  139. Hi Laurie,

    I can’t be 100% sure but seems the village your grandma born is here:,+%D0%A2%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%BF%D1%96%D0%BB%D1%8C%D1%81%D1%8C%D0%BA%D0%B0+%D0%BE%D0%B1%D0%BB%D0%B0%D1%81%D1%82%D1%8C/@49.2674647,26.1741893,9z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4730ff0fef55bd03:0xbf38c43bd6c38efc

    there is article in Wikipedia about it:

    Pretty close to place where I live at moment.
    Holensky does not sounds like very popular last name, but back to 9/11/11 it could be more popular so never knows 🙂


  140. Dear Kelly,

    Don’t want to disappoint you but matryoshka dolls are totally russian culture elements, so in case you are looking for something ukrainian — it must be something else.

    I believe the text would depend on tattoo – so I need to know more on your final decision about tattoo.

    As for your last name — Shinkaruk has the meaning of the owner of ancient bar (shynok)

    So has nothing with “corner of roasted meat” 🙂


  141. Hi there, I am looking for the correct spelling of my last name Osinchuk. I have it narrowed down to: Осінчук or Осинчук ?
    Thank you

  142. So very grateful for your time/information. I will translate and read with enjoyment! Thank you laurie xo

  143. Hey my last name is Boguski and I’m having a hard time finding anything out about the name any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  144. Hi Natalka,
    My family arrived in Australia as displaced persons from the second war in 1950 and the original family members have all passed away. Quite some years ago I had the tryzub tattooed and I would really like to add to it as my son is now a tattooist.
    Could you please translate my surname SYDORUK. Thankyou

  145. I was wondering if you could translate my last name into Ukrainian. My last name is SENIUK. Thank you.

  146. Hi Natalka! What a lovely website. I was wondering- my papa was born in the Ukraine in 1921, and when he came to Canada he changed his last name to Krystal. However, I believe it was originally Kryshtal? Or something similar? Is that a common name there (with the translation)? I can’t find anything online. Thank you :).

  147. Hi Alexandra,
    Kryshtal is absolutely ukrainian last name and has the meaning of crystal (but in ukrainian pronounciation). Its yeah quite common here 🙂

  148. Hi , my mom passed away last week . I’d like to get Mom in Ukrainian tattooed on me . Can you tell me the correct way to write it ? Thank you

  149. Hi there. My last name is
    Chuchmuch could you tell me how it’s written in Ukrainian. Also could you tell me how to write Family Forever

  150. Dear Mary, sorry about your mother. In ukrainian it must be:

    “Люблю тебе, мамо”

    Hope it helps

  151. Hi Ashley,

    Honestly this surname is quite unusual, it can be ЧУЧМУЧ but I’m not 100% sure.

    Regarding “Family Forever”, please use:


  152. Hi there, I’m looking to get the tattoo ‘я тебе люблю’ but I feel as though it’s a little harsh (font wise) is there a way to make this more of a softer, handwritten look?

  153. hey Maddy, well there are many others rephrased like this:

    ти – моя любов
    моє кохання
    я відчуваю любов до тебе
    я закоханий в тебе

    see if any of it fits for you

  154. Hey, I was wondering what the most casual way of saying “stay strong” as in mentally strong, don’t let life’s challenges knock you down.


  155. hey Saige,

    I’d say that the most casual way is:

    будь сильним

    or briefly about someone who is staying mentally strong:


  156. Hello Natalka, my name is Erik Obischuk, how are you? Im from Argentina. Im 21 years old and 100% blood from Ukraine, my grand-parents came from there. I really love my blood and I fell pround for have it. I have a little tatto in my hand that is дитя (thats remember me that once upon a time a I was a little boy). I want another, I was thinking about The strength is in the family, how is it in Ukrainian? Do you have another idea?
    Another question, I want to know how my last name is in Ukrainian. I want to find my family in Ukraine. My last name is Obischuk and from my mother there is Lisniczuk. I really enjoy reading this site, you’re amazing!
    Thanks and sorry for my bad english.

  157. Dear Erik, great to meet you here and thanks for remembering your roots!

    As for the other tattoo idea – I think one of possible ones can be:

    сім’я – це сила

    The meaning of your mother surname (лиснічук) is less-more clear: “лиснiти” means to shine. as for the father surname (обіщук) – even though it sounds very ukrainian I did not find any mention about such surname. So its quite possible that original surname was Bischuk (Біщук) but at some point it was modified there in Argentina by adding “O”.

    Hope it helped and feel free to ask if you have any other questions 🙂

  158. Thanks for answer so quick, I was finding (лиснiти) My mother last name in Facebook and we find a lot of parents there! My mother is so happy! I she said thank you!
    I was looking for information in a page that have information from inmigration in Argentina, and I found the names of my great grandfather but they look like Obyszuk and the names Jakob, Barbara and Pietro.
    But from my Grandmother I didn’t find any information than the historys of my grand mother, her father was Killian Konsimal, this was my great grandfather, he fought against the red army defended Ukranian borders . After a year in service, he was shot by two bullets, one on his leg and the other on his hip. They let him go home, but by the hunger and poverty my family had to emigrate to Argentina with polish passports. They arrived to the Argentinian north in 1922.
    You can translate Konsimal please?
    And a last question for the tatto idea, you wrote сім’я – це сила. (It mean The strength is in the family)? And I have to put the (-)?
    Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you so so so much!

  159. Ok yeah that sounds like correct spelling now for Obyszuk.
    I found many guys with such surname:


    but there is no information about its meaning. Honestly I have no idea what it may mean.

    As for Konsimal surname — in ukrainian it should be:


    and I found few persons with such surname in my region but its definitely not typical ukrainian surname. Most probably it comes from other nationality.

    And last but not least 🙂 yes you must use hyphen in this phrase:

    сім’я – це сила

    because effectively it replaces the word “is” .

    Greeting to your mother and all your family from Ukraine!

  160. Hi Natalka, I posted a while back and think I got missed….I am looking for the correct spelling of my last name, I have it narrowed down to: Осінчук or Осинчук ?
    Thank you

  161. hey David, sorry for that. Well, the thing is – both spellings may be correct in theory but in practive I found many people with this surname:


    Therefore I tend to think this is correct spelling.
    Hope it helps 🙂

  162. Privet Natalka: I was going to get a tattoo with respect to family. I know family is the center of all in Ukraine. I have fallen in love with a Ukrainian woman in Cherkassy but we have parted. I go to Cherkassy to see her after a year. My heart cannot do without her. I wished to get tattoo on my forearm in ukrainian that means “Family before self” Could you help me with the translation. Spasibo, Craig

  163. hey Craig, I believe this one would fit perfectly:

    “Сім’я перед усе” (which essentially means – family before everything else).
    Please not that the words you use in your post like “privet”, “spasibo” are actually russian ones not ukrainian 🙂

  164. Thank you Natalka, my apologies on using russian words, I was simply trying to be respectful and no offense was intended. I appreciate your assistance. Again Thank you. Craig

  165. Hi there! Your information you share is wonderful! I have been looking for a site like this for weeks now! I am so happy to have found you! I am one of four ukrainian children born and raised in Canada. We have many family members that speak ukrainian but we know very little of the language ourselves. I would ask my family for help with my issue, however none of our family which speaks or reads the language would agree to help us once they found out it was for a tattoo. I have been scouring the internet for a term in regards to being brother and sister so that the four of us could use the exact same word as a tattoo, as if to symbolize the bond itself. So far I have mostly found рідний брат as the term for sibling. I was wondering if this would still work for me, though, because I am a girl. Is this the correct term? Is there any other option for us to use?
    I look forward to reading your reply!

  166. Hi Natalka, my family surname is Деgiв from the Tephoпілська region, could you help with the origin please ? There used to be a story that there was a Scottish connection but am not sure this is true

  167. hi Olya, I’d need you to write exact transcription of surname Деgiв

  168. Hi Natalka, thanks for your reply, the Ukrainian spelling is correct as written. The rumour is that a Scottish man emigrated to Ukraine and that’s whereally the name originated from?

  169. Hi Natalia,
    I am thinking my previous post was overlooked. I so look forward to your reply!

  170. Dear Myriah, I’m sorry and yeah it was really overlooked.

    So I just read that you refer to “рідний брат” as the term for sibling. The translation for it is “native brother” so yeah for the girl it wont work.
    “Native sister” would be “рідна сестра”. I don’t think there is general same word you can use for brothers and sisters (unless you want to use something like “family” word which is “сім’я”).

    Hope it will help 🙂

  171. Hi there.
    I have been recently wanting a tattoo to pay homage to my Ukrainian background. I would like to know what/ or if there is a translation to my last name; Mytrunec. Now it has been simplified as I am a 5th generation of Canada. I would also like to know the proper translation to ‘brother’ Thanks, i really love what this community is about.

  172. hi,

    your last name in ukrainian translation looks this way:


    Honestly it does not sounds like any known word, thus Im not sure what it may mean.

    Re “brother” – it translates as “брат”

  173. Hey, just wondering what the meaning and translation of “Struk” is. It would be cool to get a tattoo of it across my back because people generally call me by my last name, and my grandpa who just passed away always took great pride in being Ukrainian. Also, are there any good tattoo ideas for Ukrainian patriotism or pride? How about tattoos symbolizing strength?

  174. also, ive always liked the Ukrainian trident and have thought about getting one tattooed somewhere. Any suggestions or thoughts for this?

  175. Hi, its a wonderful web site! My mother suddenly and unexpectingly has passed young…can you please translate a few phrases, I would much appreciate it.
    “always my mother, forever my angel”
    “love you now and forever”
    “a mother-daughter bond is forever”
    In addition, translation of her maiden name “Yalowica” and married name…my family name “Powanda”…this means a lot to me. Thank you kindly, Teresa

  176. Hi Teresa, sorry about your mother.

    Here are the translations you are looking for:

    “always my mother, forever my angel” – “завжди моя мати, назавжди ангел”
    “love you now and forever” – “люблю тебе зараз і завжди”
    “a mother-daughter bond is forever” – “мама і дочка пов’язані назавжди”
    “Yalowica” – “Яловиця”
    “Powanda” – “Пованда”

    Hope it helps.

  177. Hi Natalka,
    I wanted to start by saying this is an incredible website and applaud you for replying to comments for so many years! Like many above, I am planning on getting a tattoo, in particular a Tryzub within/adorning a crown. I have been told that my surname (Korol – possibly originally Korolev before immigration) means King and wanted to check with you before I mistakenly tattoo a translation error on my body. Thank you for any help you can provide!

  178. Hello I was wondering what “you are my sunshine” would be translated to in Ukraine? Plz help!

  179. Thank you Natalka! I have the term braterstvo (sorry I don’t have Slavic keyboard on new phone) tattooed on my arm and many Ukrainians ask me when I fought for Ukraine. Apparently many soldiers now have this tattoo

  180. Hello! What a great site. I would like to honour my mother’s side of the family and get a tattoo written in Ukraninan as a reminder of my heritage. Can you please translate the following for me:
    Warrior Queen
    Be Brave.

    Thank you so much!!

  181. Hello. I started researching my grandmas background. I don’t have a lot to go on. Her last name was Basaraba. I found out her mother was a gypsy and her father was royalty. Could you tell me how to spell Basaraba in Ukrainian. She passes away a few years ago and a couple of my cousins and myself were talking about getting matching tattoos.

  182. hi Michelle,

    in ukrainian it will be


    pronouncing same way as written

    [B a s a r a b a]

  183. How would I tattoo time is money , or is there a better saying for it ? And i was also wondering where my last name comes from (bugera)

  184. Hi I was wondering how would I tatoo “ time is money” in Ukrainian or if there is a better saying and how would it be spelled. And I was wondering where does the last name “bugera” descend from

  185. Hello! I wanted to know if there was a translation for my last name: Koziupa. I would love to know what it means! Could someone please help me? Thank you very much!!

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