The music of album “Zlata Vrata” (Golden Gate) by VOANERGES band is neo-folk, i.e. the new traditional music with updated subject matter. It is performed on contemporary music instruments, which has already become traditional for the generation of 21st Century.

The band was originated in Kiev in 1998. Since that time the band members have been reviving the spirit of the ancient art by contemporary methods. If rock-music had existed then it would have been quite similar to the music of the band. VOANERGES’s style might be conditionally labeled as world-music or alternatively as art-rock and even Slavic gospel. The music relates ancient (even archaic) Slavic melodiousness with the modern rhythms, and timbers of traditional instruments with cosmic keyboards, heavy sound of guitar with jazz trumpet. The band ties art-rock with hip-hop and offers its own rendition of Holy Writ.

“Zlata Vrata” is spiritually patriotic event. It should make Ukrainians residing in villages realize that they’re human beings and those city-dwellers become aware of their Ukrainian roots. The songs lyrics are simple and accessible but philosophical at the same time – they’re about living and eternity. The songs regenerate the hope and conscience, raise the questions and reveal the answers.


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